Ame-sama Main Equipment: Ave Maldea Bike

Dear Everyone

Ame-sama now presents his new Bike. Made by the Man of Steel from the Philippines, “Ave Maldea”. Ave Maldea is known for his great craftsmanship of Bikes all around the Philippines. Utilizing Hi-Tensile Steel, Chromoly, and Columbian Tubing, He made magic with his work. You’ll be surprised and will certainly ask yourself this, “is this really steel?”. Yes, it is that light.

There are to options on how to get your own Ave Maldea:

1. If you go to his actual workshop, he can custom fit you and create the bike that is comfortable and fits you well but it will take 2-3 months of work.

2. Next, you can go to his distributors. Cycle Culture in San Pedro, Laguna(One Distributor) . Owner is Tots. Very attentive and quick to respond to any inquiry. You can get your ave maldea made but it will be standard sizes. If you go with this route, it will take only a Month tops.

Materials to Choose from:

  • Hi Tensile Steel (Cheapest, Heaviest)
  • Chromoly
  • Colombian Tubing (Most Expensive, Lightest)

Ave Maldea Frame

Total Cost:

Touring frame (Disc brake ready) – P8500

Internal Cabling – P750

Rack mount on rear – P250

CX Fork OS – P6000

2 Sets of bottle cage holders on fork – P500

Rack mount Holes – P250



Republic Powder Coat sucat, They were the one who did Ame-sama’s Powder coat.

It takes about 5-7 days. Make sure to get the Weather resistant or Outdoor type. Ame-sama Got the Gold color with Topcoat. Topcoat is added protection and easily wipe away dirt and Grime. Total cost: P1500



Crank Brothers Rim (36H) – P850 each


Specialized (36H) Hubs) – P2500


Continental Race King CX Tires 700*35 – P1340 ea

Continental Inner Tube 700*35 – P250 ea

Spokes – P7 ea


Headset – Maxx Zone P450

Spacers – P50 ea


Chain Protector – P300


The Rest were transferred from Ame-sama’s Previous Bike. Here is the List:
Shimano Deore Crank

Speedo – Pedals

Deore Cogs 10s

Deore XT Rd

Deore FD


Here is the Assembled Product:



That’s All Folks!!


Best Regards,



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