Pongventure: HPC West Namba Table Tennis Center @ Osaka, Japan

Dear Everyone

Ame-sama apologises for posting this so late. Ame-sama has been quite busy lately.


HPC West Namba Table Tennis Center

Details as Follow:

Website: http://nishi-namba-tc.com/index.html


Address: 1 Chome-3-9 Saiwaichō, Naniwa-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 556-0021, Japan

or Google ” HPC西ナンバ卓球センター ”

Tables: 6 (2 are folded up)

Floor: Smooth Wood Tiles

Operating Hours:


(From their website)



(From their website)

Changing Room – Yes

Restroom – Yes

Store – Yes (Vending machine)

Parking – Yes

Lockers – Yes


How to get there:

Starting from Tanimachi 9-chome, Take the Sennichimae Line. Exit at Sakuragawa Station. Take a left and keep heading straight until you see this.



Lawson Convenience store for your Water and Food.

Look for this Gate:


Go in and you’ll see an elevator. Go to the 3rd floor.


Please take off your outdoor shoes/slippers and put it on the shoe rack.


Lobby area:


Counter area:


There are changing areas and restroom. Next to the TV is a Door where you head downstairs to the playing area.


Playing area:




Ame-sama Tips:

Playing in a Foreign Country can be daunting but it doesn’t

have to be. HPC has group lessons called “School”. Just mention it at the Counter and the

they’ll know.

Here are the schedules:


The Fee is 1700. Ame-sama personally met all the coaches in this list and they are all nice and accommodating. What is going to happen is that everyone gets at least 10min with the coach at the time. Everyone rotates from table 1 – 7. Table 1, you get your time with the coach while the rest do Drills. This is a way to meet new friends. A Good thing is that once you are in, Japanese people will approach you wanting to play games. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and so, take the initiative. No harm in asking.


That’s All Folks!!


Best Regards,


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