Pongventure: Honcho Takkyu Senta @ Honmachi, Osaka, Japan

Details are as Follow:


1-9-19 Nishi-machi-cho Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka prefecture (reception floor 3F)

Google Search: 本町卓球センター


Tables: 4

Website: https://www.honmachi-tabletennis.com/

Floor: Smooth Laminated tiles

Fee: (from website)


Changing Room – Yes

Restroom – Yes

Store – Yes

Parking – None

Lockers –None


How to get Here:

From Tanimachi 9chome, ride till Namba Station. Ame-sama forgot which exit, sorry.  Walk to Yotsubashi Station(Google maps, sorry about this). Ride till you reach Honmachi Station. Take Exit 24 or 27.  Make a right after the exit and keep walking until the next block.


(google maps)

Keep going straight until you see this Building


(Google Maps)




Head inside and take this Elevator to the 3rd floor.


After Exiting the elevator,

You need to have reservations for the table in order to play but the real challenge is finding someone to play with you and make the reservation on your part unless you know how to speak/read/write nihonggo.

after you exit the elevator, on your right side is the store and registration.


Another favorite store of Ame-sama, they have a wide array/variety of table tennis goods. Another reason why Ame-sama loves this place is that they have plenty of rackets ready for testing. So if you are unsure about what rubber to choose, check it out yourself. Ame-sama got 2 sweet Japan T-shirts here and was given freebies.

After exiting to the left from the elevator, You will see a door.


Open it and it will make you smile.


P.S The Store accepts CREDIT CARD.


That’s All Folks!


Best Regards,


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