Bike Equipment Review: Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Sealant

Dear Everyone

Ame-sama added the Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Sealant last 7/31/2017.  Ame-sama will let everyone know when Ame-sama gets his 1st Flat.

Viscosity: its quite thin actually. Kind of like water but a tad bit thicker.

Color: Orange


Absolute trash. For this month, Ame-sama hasn’t ridden for the past month due to unpredictable weather. Ame-sama’s bike was only used for short travel/commute not longer than 10kms. Ame-sama is honestly pissed off. This product costs around P950 and does not offer good sealant protection.
Let Ame-sama tell you the details:

  • 8 micro holes. Ame-sama’s estimate around 0.01mm.
  • It does not seal and solidify the holes. The liquid only leaked to stop air from going out.
  • Made a mess out of Ame-sama’s rim.
  • Still in liquid form and does not form a solid seal.
  • This stuff is only used as temporary treatment.



quick update: The seal worked after vulcanizing?!?!?!?!. To ame-sama’s surprise, the rear wheel maintained its air at 55 psi after vulcanizing after seeing 6 other holes to be accounted for. This is something ame-sama cant explain. The Sealant doesnt seal immediately but in time it does?!?! Ame-sama doesnt understand


Best regards,


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